Basic Practice Test  (8th Grade LEAP Practice Test) 
LEAP TEST English, Math: March 23
LEAP TEST Science, Social Studies: April 12-16

Days to LEAP

Take the Basic 8th Grade LEAP test to evaluate your overall readiness to take the LEAP 21 test.   Then, use the specialized lessons to strengthen your weak subjects.  All along, you sharpen your test-taking skills and build your confidence.  So when you take the test for real in March,  you'll be ready  OTHER 2009-2010 TEST DATES  


(The 8th Grade LEAP 21 Test you'll take in school has four parts:  English, Math, Science, and Social Studies)
LEAP 8 English
LEAP 8 Math
LEAP 8 Science
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2010 State of Louisiana Dept of Education Practice Tests


Writers Checklist (All Grades)  PDF

Practice Tests -- January 2010

Grade 8 Practice Test Booklet  PDF
Grade 8 Math Reference Sheet  PDF


Courtesy State of Louisiana

Focused Skill Practice Tests

These tests were written for teachers to help students practice specific areas of Math or English.

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Reading and Responding
Lesson 1     "The Dance"
Lesson 1     Key Words & Prewriting Strategies
Lesson 2     "Zydeco Comes to Louisiana"
Lesson 2     Clustering & Prewriting Strategies
Lesson 3     "Rivers"
Lesson 3     Key Elements of Composition
Lesson 4     "The Race"
Lesson 4     Topic Sentences & Prewriting
Lesson 5     "A Lesson Learned"
Lesson 5     Organizing & Writing a Composition
Lesson 6     "Maya Angelou"
Lesson 6     Survey Response
Lesson 7     "The Dilemma"
Lesson 7     Prewriting: Graphic Organizer
Lesson 8     "The Incredible Find"
Lesson 8     Prewriting: Descriptive Paragraph  
Lesson 9     "The Road Not Taken"
Lesson 9     Prewriting: Descriptive Paragraph  
Lesson 10    "A Lesson Learned"
Lesson 10   Writing Prompt One
Lesson 11    "Maya Angelou"
Lesson 11   Writing Prompt Two
Lesson 12    "Lineage"
Lesson 12   Writing Prompt Three
Lesson 13    "The Race" (main ideas) Lesson 13   Writing Prompt Four
Lesson 14    "The Race" (questions)
Lesson 15    "Maya Angelou" (fact vs. opinion)
Lesson 1     Proofreading Grammar
Lesson 16    "Whatif" (analytical thinking)
Lesson 2     Proofreading Punctuation
Lesson 17    "Whatif" (reading and responding)
Lesson 3     Subject/Verb & Fragments
Lesson 18    "Black History Month" One   Lesson 4     Strategies for Proofreading
Lesson 19    "Black History Month" Two   Lesson 5     Sentence Formation, Grammar
Lesson 20    "Sacagawea" Lesson 6     Grammar and Structure
Lesson 21    "Colin Powell" One Lesson 7     Peer Editing One
Lesson 22    "Colin Powell" Two Lesson 8     Peer Editing Two
Lesson 23    "Giant Pandas" One Lesson 9     Peer Editing Three
Lesson 24    "Giant Pandas" Two Lesson 10   Peer Editing Four
Lesson 25    "The Dance"
Using Information Resources
Lesson 26    "Lineage"
Lesson 1     Resources & Skimming
Lesson 27    "The Road Not Taken"
Lesson 2     Resources (continued)
 Lesson 28    "Lost on Wicket Mountain"   Lesson 3     Resources (continued)
Lesson 29    "The Dilemma" Information Resources Booklet for Lessons 1-3
  Pages 1, 2, and 3
Pages 4, 5, and 6
Pages 7, 8, and 9
Lesson 4     Various Sources of Information  
  Lesson 5     Scanning & Key Words
  Lesson 6     Bibliographic Entries
  Lesson 7     Choosing Resources
  Information Resources Booklet for Lessons 4-7
  Pages 1, 2, and 3
Pages 4 and 5
Pages 6, 7, and 9
MATH-Individual Lessons
Number and Number Relations
Lesson 1      Fractions
Lesson 1      Lines/Segments/Angles
Lesson 2      Decimal/Percent
Lesson 2      2-Dimensional Figures
Lesson 3      Numbers/Decimals
Lesson 3      3-Dimensional Figures
Lesson 4      Estimation
Lesson 4      Symmetry/Similarity/Congruence
Lesson 5      Operations with Decimals
Lesson 5      Slides/Flips/Turns
Lesson 6      Operations with Fractions
Lesson 6      Coordinate Planes
Lesson 7      Analyze Word Problems Lesson 7      Find the Measure of Unknown Angles
Lesson 8      Analyze Word Problems Lesson 8      Find the Measure of Unknown Angles
Lesson 9      Add and Subtract Integers Lesson 9      Lines and Angles
Lesson 10    Working with Integers Lesson 10    Pythagorean Theorem
Lesson 11    Word Problems Lesson 11    Scale Drawings
Lesson 12    Multi-Step Word Problems Lesson 12    Similarity  
Lesson 13    Fractions, Decimals, Percent Lesson 13    3-D Objects
Lesson 14    Proportional Reasoning Data Analysis
Lesson 1     Charts/Graphs/Tables
Lesson 1     Equations
Lesson 2      Line Graphs/Scatter plots
Lesson 2     Solve Equations
Lesson 3      Venn Diagrams
Lesson 3     Create Equations
Lesson 4      Probability
Lesson 4     Use Proportional Reasoning Lesson 5      Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
Lesson 5     Exponents Lesson 6      Interpret & Use Data from Graphs
Lesson 6     Square Roots Lesson 7      Circle Graphs
Lesson 7     Graphing Solutions Lesson 8      Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Lesson 8     Solving/Graphing Inequalities Lesson 9      Data on Line Graphs
Lesson 10    Percents in Tables/Graphs
Lesson 1      Linear Measure
Lesson 2      Area/Perimeter/Square Roots
Lesson 1      Identify Sequence/Pattern
Lesson 3      Weight/Mass/Capacity
Lesson 2      Continue Number Pattern
Lesson 4      Math Reference Sheet Lesson 3      Function Tables
Lesson 5      Find the Surface Area
Lesson 4      Analyze Shape Patterns
Lesson 6      Circumference and Area Lesson 5      Hundreds Chart/Calendar
Lesson 7      Volume Lesson 6      Input/Output Tables
Lesson 8      Area & Volume of Cylinders    
Lesson 9      Problems Involving Time  
Lesson 10    Rates of Measure  
 These tests require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  To obtain a copy, go to:
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  Writers' Checklist (All Grades)
GEE 21
  Grade 10 Practice Test
Mathematics Reference Sheet (Grade 10)
  Grade 11 Practice Test
  Writers' Checklist (All Grades)

2002 Practice Tests


Mathematics Reference Sheet (Grade 8)

English Language Arts


Social Studies

Writers' Checklist

Practice Tests 2001  (from year 2001 criteria, NOT current)

Reaching for Results 8th Grade LEAP Information and Combined Practice Test


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